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PosZit team aims to design a user friendly interface which is easy to learn and fast to use. PosZit software handles various complexities that come with running a successful business. It minimizes training time and all your data is synced to the cloud and accessible from anyplace.

PosZit reports are designed to give you useful information into your stores performance. We investigate every transaction for theft and let you know which transactions you should take a second look at. We manage updates, so that your store will always have the latest security updates and features.

Your special and unique need that has not been fulfilled yet, PosZit will provide you the best solution. Whether you are the owner of a small cafe or a national chain.
We are very faithful to find a solution that is:

  • Offer unparalleled local support in 50+ cities
  • Include all software, hardware, and service needed
  • Present Affordable Options

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Mobile POS

PosZit is compatible with both android and iOS systems and allows to perform transactions using a mobile device. Mobile POS is very easy and flexible in the workplace by minimizing the steps between taking order and providing order.


Custom Systems

Whether you want Retail, Supermarket, Salon or Restaurant POS we can build a POS system that is perfect for your business. You choose add-ons you need like a barcode scanner or some display items which you want on your screen.

Managing your business is so much easier when you have a part of the PosZit team. Our focus is to manage and keep everything in balance and ensure that workflow will go smoothly and your customers enjoy a flawless experience that will keep them coming back for more and your restaurant reputation will improve.

If you want to open your store, restaurant, salon, or supermarket, you will be able to find the right point of sale solution for your business. PosZit provides solutions to all of your problems that include software, hardware, and most important part that we provide all steps of training.

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