A supermarket has thousands of items arranged from dry goods to produce.

PosZit offers Supermarket POS software which easily tracks inventory, manages customers loyalty, coupons and many more. With our POS software you can be assured that you will have the perfect POS for your supermarket.

Our Supermarket Point of Sale is the best solution in the modern store for cashiers to maximize their speed, accuracy, and customer satisfaction is easy. Our Supermarket POS solution gives business owners essential tools to understand their stores better and grow faster. Nothing can stop your payment system, even an offline internet connection.

Top Features

PosZit provides support for iOS and android devices so you can easily run your restaurant or bar from anywhere and anytime. Integrate to the processor of your choice and grow your restaurant with connection to your customer no matter how they order from you.

Management of Inventory

You will always be able to check the status of your inventory and manage all your orders accordingly.


Due to the scalability and integration, you can expect effectiveness, efficiency and fast response.

No Down Time

In our POS system there is no down time and your POS runs smoothly.

Mobile Point of Sale

We offer support for iOS, Android and Windows tablet devices for your ease.

Run your grocery store from anywhere at anytime

Access your store from anywhere, at any time and from any device including PC or Mac. Take your store with you when you need it.

Analytics Reports

Advance reporting systems and analytics help you to measure performance and growth of your business and make calculated decisions.

Options for Local POS Solutions

PosZit provides freedom and flexibility to run your business as you want.

Loyalty and Rewards

Maintain customer records and offer discounts, promotions for keeping customers coming back.


Smart POS Solution?

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Desktop POS Bundle

  • Retail or Restaurant POS Software
  • Rugged standard size cash drawer
  • Thermal receipt printer
  • Standard barcode scanner
  • Installation and training package including configuration, setup and onsite support available
  • 24×7 software and hardware support service available
  • Start with the customer – find out what they want and give it to them.