Best suited for your salon & spa enterprise.

Full salon services control such as appointment scheduling at once inside the salon POS software, and automated notifications sent to clients through email or text, make your Salon enterprise extra streamlined and headache-free.

You may be confident that you can have the best spa & salon POS device with the PosZit approach designed especially for your special living room and spa.

PosZit provides a complete suite of solutions for companies like yours, including: applications, POS terminals and all services; before, after, and after deployment of the device.

Top Features

PosZit provides support for iOS and android devices so you can easily run your restaurant or bar from anywhere and anytime. Integrate to the processor of your choice and grow your restaurant with connection to your customer no matter how they order from you.

Better Appointment Overview

Our dashboard will manage all of the appointments by employee or date, with our POS identifying trends and making business decisions is very easy.

Salon Service Management

All services are easily managed, along with their price, service duration, employee commission, you can make everything run smoothly.

Schedule Appointments Directly in the POS

For scheduling appointments, our salon software not only can staff schedule appointments, but also gives an ease that customers are also able to schedule their appointments online.

Match Customers with Salon Service Providers

Meet the most suitable salon specialist for a specific customer, thereby saving time and effort. Different types of allocation criteria can be specified based on price, history and experience.

Automatic Notification

With our salon POS software you can also enable automatic notifications, to make sure your customers won't forget their appointment date.

Streamlined Checkout

Customers easily choose the services and beauty products and pay for it as a part of a streamlined checkout process.

Employee Management

Easily manage all details of the employee and customer. You will know if they have gone for lunch or vacation, so that no bookings are accepted in the Salon POS system.

Manage Permissions

You can make sure that employees only booked those services which are relevant for their skills. Commissions based on each service can also be set for individual employees.


Smart POS Solution?

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Desktop POS Bundle

  • Retail or Restaurant POS Software
  • Rugged standard size cash drawer
  • Thermal receipt printer
  • Standard barcode scanner
  • Installation and training package including configuration, setup and onsite support available
  • 24×7 software and hardware support service available
  • Start with the customer – find out what they want and give it to them.